Working with us


Nurturing Outstanding Staff

UQ College staff promote and value outstanding student service and responsiveness. We promote diversity and nurture career development.

UQ College prides itself on its carefully selected teaching staff, with all programs delivered by specialist teachers and academics with extensive experience and industry connections.

We aim to provide outstanding learning environments and rich experiences that lead to excellent outcomes for our diverse range of students. Staff work collaboratively to create innovative strategies to support high-quality student learning, and the learning support necessary to enable students to overcome obstacles and succeed in their studies.

Our Teachers

At UQ College, we strive for excellence in teaching. Our instructors are carefully selected for their classroom skills, qualifications, breadth of experience, and positive team fit. We look to employ only the best.

We expect our teachers to improve their skills and broaden their experience continuously and we encourage this by supporting a range of professional development activities. Our aim is for every teacher to reach their full potential as a versatile and skilled instructor who can provide a consistently challenging, engaging, and rewarding learning environment for their students.