Assessment tasks and tests are administered at the end of the BE course to evaluate the development of speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. If you meet all the BE exit requirements, you will be eligible to commence their UQ program.

During BE, you will do weekly progress tests to check you are on track with your academic progress to reach your English language goals.

You will have one-on-one consultation sessions with your teacher every 5 weeks to talk about your progress.

Summary information about BE assessment is provided below. To read full details, get the BE assessment student guide.

1. Grading scale

Bridging English

BE 10

Students in BE 10 receive an Overall Grade for their BEP 10 overall course result as well as an Achievement Grade for each of the four macro skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). 

Overall grade

Your overall grade is an average of your Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing Achievement percentage.

Overall Grade

Overall Percentage

7: High Distinction

≥ 95%

6: Distinction

≥85 - <95%

5: Credit

≥75 - <85%

4: Meets UQ min requirements^

≥65 - <75%

3: Fail

≥55 - <65%

2: Fail

≥ 45 - < 55%

1: Fail

< 45%

 Achievement grades

(for each macro-skill; Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing)

Achievement grade

Percentage for each macro-skill

A+:   High Achievement

≥ 90%

A:     High Achievement

≥ 80% - < 90%

B:     Satisfactory Achievement

≥ 70% - < 80%

C^:   Satisfactory Achievement

≥ 60% - < 70%

D:    Limited Achievement

≥50 - < 60%

E:    Limited Achievement

< 50%


^For UQ programs with standard English language entry requirements (IELTS Overall Band Score of 6.5 AND a minimum score of 6 in each sub-band of Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening), BE 10 exit requirements are: a minimum Overall Grade of 4 plus a minimum Achievement Grade of C in all four macro skills.

For UQ programs with alternative English language entry requirements, please see:

BE 30, BE 25, BE, 20 and BE 15

Overall grade

  • SA: Satisfactory Achievement
  • LA: Limited Achievement

 Achievement grades

  • SA: Satisfactory Achievement
  • LA: Limited Achievement