The following representatives are not authorised to issue UQ package offers.


BU FAN Overseas Study Consulting (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd

F3 Xirunlou, 606 Xuelin St.

Hangzhou, China

Phone:+86 571 87916858

Location Head Xiaofan Qu (Steven)
Principal Agent Xiaofan Qu (Steven)
Legal name BU FAN Overseas Study Consulting (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd

Agent ID UQC064393 


HUB Education Pty. Ltd

Suite 602 L6 99 Bathurst St. 

Sydney NSW 2000

Phone:+61 2 9283 7738

Location Head Simon Boncukcu
Principal Agent Simon Boncukcu
Legal name HUB Education

Agent ID UQC066049


Student World Pty.Ltd

3/393 George St 

Sydney NSW 2000

Phone:+61 2 9290 2366

Location Head Akram Mardini
Principal Agent Akram Mardini
Legal name Student World

Agent ID UQC066051


Mundial International Travel Service Co.Ltd

Rua Formosa No.21 1 Andar, A1 Edif.

Yee Mei, Macau

Phone:+61 4 2295 9932

Location Head Debbie Ngai
Principal Agent Debbie Ngai
Legal name Mundial International Travel Service

Agent ID UQC066051


Trinity Intercambio

Avenida Brigadeiro Luis Antonio n.2050 Conj 57,

Bela Vista, Sao Paulo - SP, CEP: 01318-002

Phone:+55 11 3284 2991

Location Head Victor Hugo de Lima Lorasque
Principal Agent Victor Hugo de Lima Lorasque
Legal name Trinity Intercambio e Turismo LTDA

Agent ID UQC 066052


Beijing Ruier Education Consulting Co.Ltd

Rm 1406, Building A, Dongfang Huarui, No. 150 Guanzhuang Road,

Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 

Phone:+86 186 00608561 

Location Head Trina Li
Principal Agent Trina Li
Legal name Beijing Ruier Education Consulting Co. Ltd. 

Agent ID UQC 066121



Level 2, 4229 Baoan Highway,

Jiading, Shanghai, China 

Phone:+86 135 85883258 

Location Head Josh Yao
Principal Agent Josh Yao
Legal name  Changhao Investment Co. Ltd.

Agent ID UQC 066408


Global Connection Educacion en el Exterior SAS

Calle 97 A #9A 34 Piso1,


Phone:+57 30127 15980

Location Head Alexandra Galindo
Principal Agent Alexandra Galindo
Legal name  International Studies Group

Agent ID UQC 069361


Beyond Study Australia PTY LTD

Suit 1304, Level 13, 200 Queen Street,

Melbourne, VIC 3000 

Phone:+61 8 6011 2378

Location Head Mr. Wittawat BUSARACUMWONG
Principal Agent Mr. Wittawat BUSARACUMWONG
Legal name  Beyond Study Australia PTY LTD

Agent ID UQC 069362



21 Alma St.

QLD, 4215, Australia

Phone:+34 632 713 704

Location Head Marta Caparros
Principal Agent Marta Caparros
Legal name AUssieYouToo PTY LTD

Agent ID UQC069364


NM Educação Internacional

Rua Pamplona, 1326, cj.92, 9° andar

01405-002, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Phone:+55 11991 129977

Location Head Mauro Mandil
Principal Agent Mauro Mandil
Legal name NMMD Agencia de Viagens LTDA

Agent ID UQC069551


Looker Education Group

306-308 Block 3, Orstar Square, No.11, 1888 Caoyang Road,

Putuo District, Shanghai, China, 200333

Phone:+86 152 05165273

Location Head Mr. Kevin Cang
Principal Agent Ms. Angelian Zhi
Legal name Shanghai Looker Industrial Group.Co.Ltd

Agent ID UQC069934



1/8 Belgrave Road,

Indooroopilly, QLD 4068, Australia


Location Head Mr. Tetzuo Mizuno
Principal Agent Ms. Yuko Crease
Legal name Wildlife Partners Australia PTY LTD

Agent ID UQC070382