Find your route on public transport

Find the most convenient bus, ferry or train route to your destination using the Journey Planner (desktop) or MyTranslink mobile app.

Fares and Go card

The cheapest way to travel by bus, train or ferry in Brisbane is with a go card. You need a blue, adult go card while you are an English language student.  Generally, your trips will be 2 - 3 zones; view fare prices.

Locations to buy and top-up

Buy and add money to your go card at:

  • Train stations
  • Selected convenience stores, such as 7-11
  • UQ Campus News, the UQ newsagent
  • Machines at UQ bus stations. 

Search for a retailer near you.

Register your card and set up automatic top-up

Once you have a go card, you can register your go card online and set it to top up automatically if you wish. Once your card is registered, if you lose it you can transfer money to your new card.

Using your go card

You must touch on and touch off when you get on public transport and when you get off. If you forget to touch on and off, you will be charged more - the maximum fare.



CityCycle is a bike hire scheme run by Brisbane City Council for short bike trips around inner-Brisbane. There are over 100 bike stations around inner-Brisbane including 3 at UQ. You can set up your go card to give you access for a few dollars per month. You can also buy casual passes.

Find out more about CityCycle.



Taxis and Uber

Brisbane's main taxi companies are Yellow Cabs and Black and White Cabs.

Uber provides private drivers and is cheaper than catching a taxi. To ride using Uber, you need to download their app and provide credit card details.

Tip: Grocery delivery

You can get your groceries delivered to your home. The major supermarket chains in Brisbane offer online ordering with delivery at around $5 - 10.



More about travelling on public transport

Cash tickets

You can buy a ticket in cash from train stations, on ferries and on some busses. A paper ticket costs around 30% more than using a go card.

Air train

The Airtrain runs frequently between city stations to Brisbane Airport, international and domestic terminals. Tickets are available from train stations.Return tickets are available but must be used on the same day.

Airtrain tickets cost $20 - $30 to travel between the airport and Toowong, our local station, where a taxi costs twice as much. Book ahead and online for the cheapest fare.

Find out more about Airtrain.

Rules and fines

Inspectors patrol Brisbane public transport and you can be fined for travelling on the wrong fare.

You are also not permitted to smoke in or near public transport waiting areas, or to eat, drink or smoke while travelling on public transport.

Find out more about conditions of travel.