Who can attend a Learning Adviser appointment?

Appointments are available for all UQ College students.  You do not need to be referred by a teacher, and you don’t need to be struggling academically to benefit from a session. 

What can a Learning Adviser help with?

Our advisers support UQ College students in all programs to develop the study skills they need to succeed. In a 1:1 appointment, a Learning Adviser could help with

  • Study schedules
  • Time management and organisation strategies
  • Effective notetaking techniques
  • Understanding assessment questions
  • Developing your reading and research skills
  • Structuring your academic writing
  • Critical and reflective writing
  • Working in a group
  • Applying feedback 
  • Revision techniques and exam strategies

If English isn’t your native language, we can support you to improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking too.

We can also offer feedback on an assessment before you submit it.  This doesn’t mean we will tell you the ‘right’ answer, but we can identify areas where you may have misinterpreted the question or gone off track.  We will let you know if your writing needs to be more critical or is lacking expansion, evidence or referencing. 

Is there anything you ca n’t help with?

If there’s something you don’t understand in your class content, you need to speak to your teacher, either in class, after class, or at a lunchtime consultation.

We don’t proofread assessments for  you, so please don’t ask us to check your paper for things like spelling and punctuation errors.  

How long is an appointment, and how many can I have? 

Appointments last 45 minutes.  Try to arrive a few minutes early and log onto your laptop while you wait. There is no limit to how many times you can see us, but please only book one appointment at a time. Where do I go? 

  • Face-to-face appointments happen in the Learning Centre on the ground floor of building 39A – opposite building 14 where you have most of your classes. 
  • Online appointments happen via Zoom.

When you book your appointment via Student Hub, you’ll receive an email with either the room details or the Zoom link. 

Do I need to bring anything? 

Please bring your laptop.

We’ll need to show you how to get to relevant resources or information online, and you might need access to Blackboard, Edval or Student Hub while we’re talking.

If you want to discuss a draft, you’ll need access to the document, as well as task sheets, criteria sheets, assignment rubrics and course profiles.

Do I need to know anything else? 

The booking links are different, depending which course you are studying, so please make sure you choose the right one below!


What our students say

Bridging English student Ayaka, from Japan, tells us how UQ College's Learning Advice has helped her make lots of new international friends, improved her English skills, and study success.

"Learning Advice gave me many tips to improve my English skills, and strategies to study English effectively so that I don’t overload my study plan. It’s helped me to recognise my weaknesses and learn how to improve,” Ayaka, Japan


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 Book an Appointment - Foundation and TPP Students