Who can attend a workshop?

Workshops are open to all UQ College students.  Some will be more relevant to Bridging English and Pathway English students, and some will suit Foundation and TPP students better. The workshop description will give further information. Nevertheless, any UQ College student is welcome to attend any workshop.  

What are the workshop topics?

You can find a schedule of all upcoming workshops here and the topics change regularly.

Some common workshop topics include: 

  • English Language Support: Listening Test Skills
  • English Language Support: Writing Workshop
  • English Language Support: Reading Test Skills
  • English Language Support: Vocabulary Workshop
  • English Language Support: Conversations in English
  • Understanding academic integrity, plagiarism and Turnitin
  • How to get organised, manage your time, and make a study schedule
  • Critical Thinking – what does it mean to be critical, why is it important? 
  • In-class notetaking techniques 
  • Reading skills – techniques to help you find maximum information in minimum time
  • Decoding assessment questions – what is the question really asking?
  • Structuring academic writing – essays and paragraphs
  • Effective revision and exam skills– tips and techniques to remember more, faster
  • Working in a group – ways to succeed in a group assessment task
  • Improving by understanding ECPs, rubrics, and applying feedback 

How long are the workshops?

The workshops run for 45 to 90 minutes depending on the topic.   

When are the workshops?

Click the link below to register and see times and locations. We try to repeat each workshop so that most students can find a time which suits.

Where are the workshops?

Workshops are held on campus, usually in Room 229 in the Learning Centre in Building 39A, and online via Zoom. Register below to see the location for each workshop.

How do I register for a workshop?

Click the link below to register and see times and locations.

Can I go to a workshop without registering?

Yes, but you might not get a seat if the workshop is full.  Also, if we are sending resources out after the session, we won’t have your details on the register.



What our students say

One of our Foundation students from China made the most of our academic writing workshops.

“This subject enables me to gain the ability to do research and write academically that can be beneficial for my future learning.”

Bridging English student Phuc, from Vietnam, recommends every UQ College student joins a Learning Advice workshop.

"Thanks to the encouragement from my classmates, I took my first Learning Advice workshop. The workshop was immensely helpful for me. In there, I had more opportunities to practice English and make new friends. Furthermore, there are many topics in the on how to improve your listening, reading, writing and on interesting topics like ‘getting motivated or ‘wellbeing’. I highly recommend every UQ College student joins a Learning Advice workshop – trust me, you will want to join a workshop again." Phuc, Vietnam

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