Workshops provide effective study tips to help you improve your English. Register below for current workshops.



What are the workshop topics?

Topics include

  • Setting Goals & Planning Study
  • Critical Thinking
  • Study Skills for writing, reading, listening, and speaking
  • Learning Vocabulary
  • Learning to Learn
  • Building your Confidence

Who can register for workshops?

Workshops are free and available to all UQ College students.

How long are the workshops?

The workshops run for 45 minutes to 90 minutes dependent on the topic.

When are the workshops?

Click the link below to register and see times and locations.

Where are the workshops?

Workshops are held on campus. Register below to see the location for each workshop.

Can I go to a workshop without registering?

Yes, but you might not get a seat. Workshops fill up fast so it is best to register.

How do I register for a workshop?

Click the link below to register and see times and locations.

What do I do if the workshop is full?

Put your name on the waitlist. Keep checking your emails to find out if space becomes available.

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What our students say

Bridging English Program student Honja, from Madagascar, tells us how UQ College's Learning Advice program enabled her to learn new study strategies, set clear goals, and reach her academic goals.

"I decided to attend the Learning Advice workshops because I wanted to succeed, and I was convinced these workshops could help me to accomplish my goals. I found these workshops very interesting and useful. "